Interaction Design Review & Consultation

(with Naviscent)

We were brought in to CA Technologies (formerly Computer Associates) to provide User Experience assistance to their Identity Management and Security development team.

This application is used by both IT professionals and enterprise employees to manage rights and access to various applications and systems. But overall, this was a good example of a tool that had been designed more with an enterprise’s potential rules in mind, than actual human users and their natural behaviors.

My initial role was to review the design and usability of the application; identify better interactive components that would improve the overall usability, and prioritize those modifications into digestible goals.

Once this was complete, and the client was in agreement, we set out to implement those improvements.

The following are Before (left) and After (right) screens reflecting a few of the modifications we implemented in design, and eventually, into the front-end code:

This tool was primarily used to access and perform a single task at a time. We therefore simplified the landing page to allow an end user to indicate immediately what they wanted to do. We also removed the navigation from the side since it was adding to the cognitive load of an already complex system and not providing sufficient utility.



I also wanted to more effectively provide a natural flow through each of the user’s tasks. This meant providing tools and interactions when they were needed, reordering on-screen elements such as forms and “Submit” buttons , and providing necessary visual feedback so the user was confident that they were proceeding correctly.



We also addressed system-wide design patterns such as dialog boxes and modal interfaces that had been haphazardly implemented, and were causing not just confusion and missteps, but also adding to an unpleasant aesthetic.