Mobile App

(with Asterix)

The Gnarly Booth mobile app was developed to help promote the Gnarly Head line of wines from Delicato Family Vineyards. Initially, this app was released for Halloween 2014, leveraging Gnarly Head’s spirit of fun and playfulness, and they have continued to leverage it as a seasonal campaign with themes and effects for additional seasons and holidays. Users can upload a selfie and “explore their inner Gnarly” by creatively modifying their image into a holiday-related character.

We had a relatively tight budget and timeline for this application so we decided to approach it from the beginning as a html-based app that would lend itself to multiple mobile operating systems easily as well as a desktop browser environments. We also had to design it so it was effective and engaging with the limited set of Halloween effects, but also expandable to eventually accommodate several seasonal themes.

In 2015, the application was awarded MobileWebAward’s Best Beverage Mobile App.


Gnarly Booth User Flow


Gnarly Booth Wireframes