Email Marketing SaaS

(As The Gerstle Group)

I consulted with Lyris for two engagements.

Pattern Library

Initially, I was brought aboard to help develop the internal User Experience team’s Pattern Library. I worked closely with the various members of the User Experience team to identify the priority design patterns and best implementation methodology. I delivered several design pattern definition documents. Most importantly, I provided a library framework to their intranet system, and a functional template and system with which the team would continue to develop further pattern definition documents.

Interaction Design

I returned to Lyris to work with their User Experience team to help define and design the next version of their Email Marketing platform and the associated Enterprise Solutions Bus. This was a ground-up project, that included designing the system-wide interface framework, and then multiple functional modules for managing large volumes of contact data, and customer history.



User Research and Testing

A critical element of the design process of this new platform was accurately understanding customers’ needs and testing designs and prototypes with users in real-world scenarios. I worked closely with the internal UX team to establish testing goals and methods, and conducted several usability tests for my designs.