I have been working in the technology industry for since 1995 with a love of, and dedication to, User Experience.  In that time I have led teams through the creation of new products, websites, and business portals.  I have contributed to projects as a dedicated, focused, specialized team member and I have managed entire projects and the complete development and marketing of entire product lines.  I have proven that I can meet the challenges of large-scale efforts and tight time constraints through entire project lifecycles.

Some Sample Work

dhl-200DHL wanted to revise their Intraship product with a more up-to-date style and flow. 

Challenges: The primary challenge throughout this project was the requirement to address a broad range of primary use cases. We needed to create a tool that would be simple and intuitive enough for occasional users who ship one package at a time every so often, but also flexible enough for regular, large-shipment customers.   
Secondarily, the "Client" was actually a global team of no fewer than 16 people at a time and all review processes would require this entire team's review and approval.

Solutions: Leveraging, progressive disclosure, defaults, and custom preferences, we were able to provide an initial interface that doesn't appear as overwhelming as it might otherwise have to an occasional user, but options expose additional settings, so it also accommodates the efficiency requirements of someone who spends hours each day within the tool. 

The global client challenge was mitigated with simple patience and thoughtful, careful communications. 

See a clickable model

vonage-200This was a redesign of their primary corporate marketing website, Vonage.com.

Challenge: The communication and presentation of their complex VoIP product needed to be simplified so that potential residential and business customers could relate to the information in familiar language, but within new contexts. 

Solution: Extensive User Testing, and a rapid iterative design process allowed us to focus on the true user experience - the presentation of information to the user in such a way that they understand well enough to make a decision without having to put in unacceptable levels of effort. 

See the wireframe A/B prototype

cengage-200This was a design project updating their online shopping experience.

Challenge: CengageBrain sells their scholastic text books in several formats, so they wanted to improve their shopping experience to better surface the customers' options, and simplify the selection process. 

Solution: We employed a progressive disclosure interaction, so buyers would only see the details they were interested in, so the presentation was clean and understandable until they wanted more information. Furthermore, we simplified the presentation of the text books and other products so the customers had immediate access to necessary information, while secondary information was only a click away. This provided more opportunity for cross sell and upsell items within the page layout. 

See the clickable wireframe model

colorcon-200This was a redesign of Colorcon's primary corporate website, Colorcon.com and development of new web-based self-service tools.

Challenge: Colorcon wanted a new, fresh look to their corporate site. But they also wanted to provide new online services, and create a personalized resource hub for their existing customers.  

Solution: An interactive portfolio-like component called My Colorcon provided access to the status of previously requested information as well as follow-up information and advanced self-service tools. 

See the wireframe prototype